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Bonus Questions

At the end of each lecture, you will be given the opportunity to write a question about the content of the lecture. If we select your question for a subsequent exam, you will earn a 3% bonus. You may still get a bonus if you are not selected but your question is very good.

To make the selection process transparent, we will post all questions on this page.


In general, we consider as bad all questions that require to learn the material by heart.
Your question must be worded in a way that allows checking whether the material is actually understood, e.g., the question may require combining several topics together in a non-obvious way.

Here are a few sample questions illustrating what we consider bad and good questions.

  • What concept is explained on slide 34 of the lecture about testing?
  • What is the MVC design pattern?
  • A customer would like to build a system that shows on a Web site some data stored in a database. The presentation of the data and the allowed updates to that data differ depending on who is logged in. What design pattern would you choose to build such a system and why?

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